"My counselor was the most helpful part of my treatment. They observe, understand, interpret what is being said or note being said. They knew when to intervene, when to be tough, when to be compassionate. Their ability to observe and reflect back using and sharing their personal experience at appropriate moments helps facilitate discussions and momentum in our meetings."

"I enjoyed the program and the counselor knowledge and counseling was helpful."

"The counselor believed in me and treated me with respect. Also willing to work with my work schedule."

"Not judgmental, very caring and educational."

"Made me realize what I was truly feeling and faced the reality of what I was going through."

"I think you are doing great. I think it’s a great experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be in the program."

"NW treatment is dialed in on all levels!"

"I have so much gratitude for what you all do!"

"Counselors were extremely helpful and insightful in this painstaking process."

What have you appreciated about Northwest Treatment?

"The way it flowed from informative to group discussion attending outside group meetings."

"Counselors were clear, concise, managed different personalities/situations well."

"The variable hours that were available for each phase so I could choose what fits best for my schedule."

"Helped me look at things in my life I was ignoring."

"Group communication and feedback assignments that made you stop and assess yourself."

"I felt close to the people in my group because of our “like” problem. Seemed to be a mutual respect among our counselor and group members."

"I was skeptical at first but you and the program really helped me to realize some very important things in my life and what I need to do to be the best person I can."

"Group interaction and getting input from multiple points of view."

"My counselors experience, insight, wisdom and humor."

"Classes were extremely enjoyable and insightful, I recommend NWT to anyone with any type of addiction. I know it changed my life forever."

"Talking about meaningful issues."

"My counselor’s faith and respect towards all of us."

"Feeling welcome to share my struggles and what’s currently going on in my life."

"My counselor was very knowledgeable and had some great effective tools to use."

"Being talked to like a person."

"The knowledge I gained about myself and the seriousness of using."

"The counselors experience, strength, hope and insight into a chemically dependent brain!"