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What do I do if I need/want to be excused from my class?

Life can get messy at any time. When it comes to scheduled classes at NW Treatment, we expect everyone to make their best effort to attend all groups and appointments. However, in the case of an emergency or illness please contact your counselor or the front office ASAP to let us know what is happening. We will require a doctor's note to get an excused absence. Sadly, work does not count as an excused absence. If you are not excused from the group there will be a No Show fee assessed.

Each situation is different and will be evaluated by your counselor. If you can inform your counselor in advance of missing a group, you can get an excused absence. We also ask that if you are on the Court-Ordered UA List and plan to be gone during the week, that you make sure to still call every day for the UA line. If your name does come up for a test while you are gone, you will need to call our office immediately to check in and find out when your make up test will be done when you return.

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